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20 February 2004

Reunion Newsletter

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Business meeting was called to order by Vice President Richard B. Pyne, on Sunday Aug. 31, 2003 @ 2 pm.

Teresa Pyne read the minutes from the 2002 business meeting held in Idaho City. Motion to accept was passed.

Robert B. Pyne read the financial report. Abbie B. motioned to accept and Richard B. 2nd.

There was discussion again about everyone writing stories that they could remember about their grandparents and great grandparents. Also if anyone had pictures of their grandparents or any relatives that they may have to give them to Richard so he could scan them into the computer to go along with the stories.

Abbie B. still has some picture in a box for those want to look thru and have a copy.

Teresa Pyne had put together a mailing list and put into a address book for everyone to have a copy.

Discussion was made to have the reunion on a different weekend so that more people would be able to come. Several weekends were suggested but do to conflict were not feasible. Melvin B. Pyne motioned for the 2nd weekend in June, seconded by Linda S. Pyne. A vote was taken and motioned carried.

REUNION 2004 WILL BE HELD JUNE 11, 12, & 13.

Abbie Pyne read letter from William Pyne and the activities he was doing in a nursing home.

Nominations for Vice-President were taken as follows:

Melvin nominated Leo H. Pyne, Abbie B. Pyne seconded.

Abbie B. Pyne motioned nominations stop. Leo V. Pyne seconded.

Nominations passed.

New Vice-President is Leo H. Pyne

Volunteers for Hosting the 2004 Reunion:
Dustin Pyne, 15 votes
Leo H. Pyne 10 votes

Reunion for 2004 will be hosted by Dustin Pyne, with Melvin offering to co-host.

Motion made by Melvin B. for meeting to come to close, seconded by Teresa Pyne.

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