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20 February 2004


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We hope that you are planning to attend the Reunion this year on June 11 thru 13, 2004. The reunion this year will be held in Carey, Idaho at the Carey Park Fairgrounds.

This years reunion will be Hosted by Dustin Pyne, and co-hosted by Melvin B. Pyne. If you have any questions please contact them Dustin @ 208-720-7345, or Melvin @
208-308-6972 or write him @ 4432 E. 3200 N. Murtaugh, ID 83344.

There are no motels in Carey, but there is plenty of room for tents and RV’S, with a few hook-ups for RV’S as the park.

PLEASE REMEBER TO BRING A SALAD OR DESSERT as they will be used thru out the reunion.





10/13/03 Megan Sarah Pyne, daughter of Leo H. & Jacqueline Pyne, grandparents are Leo B. & Linda Pyne.


06/ /03 Russell Pyne, son of Melvin B. & Jan Pyne married Karla in Elba, Idaho.

09/06/03 Daniel R. Nelson, son of Steve & Missy Nelson married Emily K. Staples in Redmond, Oregon.

09/20/03 David Pyne, son of the late Stanley & Valonie, married Michele L. Berger in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


09/03/03 Mary Hunter, daughter of William Lorraine Pyne passed away in Florida.

Thanks to all who sent information for the newsletter. If I have missed anything or was informed of it, please let me know and I will get it in the next news letter.

Hope to see all at the reunion.

Teresa Pyne


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At the 2003 Reunion held in Mink Creek, Idaho we had a turn out of about 50 people & was a fun time for all who attended. There were plenty of games and activities for everyone no matter the age group. Everyone took advantage of what the park had to offer: there was a baseball diamond, playground, horse shoes, and plenty of open grass to roam.

Other games and activities that people brought were badminton which the young kids loved. We had foam pictures for the young kids along with 2 pinchata’s for ages 1-12. Richard brought his foam for making rockets which they could shot from this air pump thing he made. Leo H. brought a game called bocci ball. And the young adults played Canasta for most of the reunion & Hand & Foot tell late into the night. Some of the older adults played Bridge. Melvin brought the cotton candy machine for everyone to have.

We had a great turn out for the auction. We would like to thank Russell Pyne for being our auctioneer. He definitely made it fun, exciting, and very interesting.

Reunion Newsletter

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Business meeting was called to order by Vice President Richard B. Pyne, on Sunday Aug. 31, 2003 @ 2 pm.

Teresa Pyne read the minutes from the 2002 business meeting held in Idaho City. Motion to accept was passed.

Robert B. Pyne read the financial report. Abbie B. motioned to accept and Richard B. 2nd.

There was discussion again about everyone writing stories that they could remember about their grandparents and great grandparents. Also if anyone had pictures of their grandparents or any relatives that they may have to give them to Richard so he could scan them into the computer to go along with the stories.

Abbie B. still has some picture in a box for those want to look thru and have a copy.

Teresa Pyne had put together a mailing list and put into a address book for everyone to have a copy.

Discussion was made to have the reunion on a different weekend so that more people would be able to come. Several weekends were suggested but do to conflict were not feasible. Melvin B. Pyne motioned for the 2nd weekend in June, seconded by Linda S. Pyne. A vote was taken and motioned carried.

REUNION 2004 WILL BE HELD JUNE 11, 12, & 13.

Abbie Pyne read letter from William Pyne and the activities he was doing in a nursing home.

Nominations for Vice-President were taken as follows:

Melvin nominated Leo H. Pyne, Abbie B. Pyne seconded.

Abbie B. Pyne motioned nominations stop. Leo V. Pyne seconded.

Nominations passed.

New Vice-President is Leo H. Pyne

Volunteers for Hosting the 2004 Reunion:
Dustin Pyne, 15 votes
Leo H. Pyne 10 votes

Reunion for 2004 will be hosted by Dustin Pyne, with Melvin offering to co-host.

Motion made by Melvin B. for meeting to come to close, seconded by Teresa Pyne.

1 October 2003

Sean is home!

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Sean returned to Georgia o­n July 16 from Kuwait. I haven’t talked to him personally, but I hear he is glad to be home. He is hoping to take leave from the middle of August to the middle of September, and plans o­n being at the Pyne Family Reunion during Labor Day weekend.

11 April 2003

Internet Fraud Alert

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I received this email claiming to be from PayPal security department asking me to verify my account information.

While the links at the bottom of the email (not included here) were legitimate PayPal links, the one in the message where I am supposed to verify my account information IS NOT. It belongs to:

9/F, Building A, Corporate Square, No. 35 Financial Street
Xicheng District, Beijing 100032, P.R.China

Dear valued PayPal member,

It has come to our attention that your PayPal Billing Information records are out of date. That requires you to update the Billing Information If you could please take 5-10 minutes out of your online experience and update your billing records, you will not run into any future problems with PayPal’s online service. However, failure to update your records will result in account termination. Please update your records in maximum 24 hours.

Once you have updated your account records, your PayPal session will not be interrupted and will continue as normal. Failure to update will result in cancellation of service, Terms of Service (TOS) violations or future billing problems.

Please click here to update your billing records.

Thank you for your time!
Marry Kimmel,
PayPal Billing Department team.

3 March 2003

New job in a new location

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Chris and Lisa Bjornberg have recently moved from Boise, Idaho, where Chris was layed off by Forester Insurance to Blackfoot, Idaho, where he has landed a job as an Accounting Officer for Eastern Idaho Credit Union in Pocatello.

After the sudden and unexpected lay off, Chris and Lisa made the move to Blackfoot where they had been planning ot move later in the year. It took a couple of weeks of job search and interviews and then a week of training then Chris started his new job on Friday, 28 February 2003.

Lisa reports that she and the boys, T.J. and Ryan, have been passing around a cold, but for the most part are doing well.

Grandpa is anxiously awaiting their visit to Provo planned for the weekend of March 22.

William Anderson Pyne
– Charles Fitch Pyne
— Leo Vincent Pyne
— Richard Barker Pyne
—- Lisa Pyne Christopher Ryan Bjornberg

25 February 2003

A note from the Military Service

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Sean T. Pyne, who is serving in the US Army, has been sent to the Persian Gulf.

Sean’s wife Clarese writes:

Sean wanted me to send everyone his mailing address. He doesn’t have access to any computers and he no longer has access to the phone. He would love to get letters and/or pictures from everyone.


UNIT 93415
APO AE 09303-3415

William Anderson Pyne
. Charles Fitch Pyne
.. Leo Vincent Pyne
… Kelvin Barker Pyne
…. Sean Toomer Pyne

20 February 2003

Dwain and Camie Whitaker Family

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On Jan 30, 2003 Camie was addmitted to the hospital in
Meridian, ID, due to another miscariage. After 48 hours of induced labor the baby was born at 6:52PM, Feb 1, 2003. Camie is doing fine. Our whole family is slowly adjusting to the loss.

13 February 2003

The Quidnunc is born

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The Quidnunc, the electronic newsletter of the William Anderson Pyne family is born.

While there is not much here right now, with your help it will grow fast.

So tell every family member you know, and start submitting your news and uploading your photos.

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